Aquasonics Artistic swimming

Welcome to Aquasonics – your premier competitive artistic swimming club in British Columbia, Canada. With a rich history spanning over 25 years, we’ve established ourselves as a top-quality training and coaching hub for athletes. Our club holds a prominent position in the region, boasting a reputation for excellence.

Throughout our journey, we’ve nurtured athletes who have not only excelled locally but also made their mark on the national and international stages. We take pride in being an integral part of their holistic development as both exceptional athletes and well-rounded individuals.

Discover the power of synchronized swimming with Aquasonics. Join us to receive unparalleled training, guidance, and support on your path to success. Experience the difference that decades of expertise and a commitment to excellence can make for your artistic swimming journey.

The Aquasonics Artistic Swimming Club is thrilled to announce our 2024-2025 season with exciting new opportunities!

* We are expanding across the Pacific Northwest, welcoming swimmers of all levels.

* Age-based cohorts cater to varying time commitments, ensuring a positive learning environment.

* Our new, energized coaching team is ready to inspire and motivate swimmers.

Join the Aquasonics family and dive into a season of growth and achievement! 

Below are the four Main Programs that we offer this upcoming season:


Beginner & Advanced Recreational / AquaGo
Age Categories: 10 & under, 11 & Over, Teens and Masters
  • An excellent introduction to learning new skills and swimming in teams! 
  • Swimmers will find fun ways to develop skills on land and water while participating in a safe and welcoming environment. 
  • Commitment ranges from
    1.5-2 hours per week.


Introduction to Competition

Age Categories: 10 & under, 11 & Over, Teens and Masters
  • Designed for swimmers who want to compete in artistic swimming, athletes participate in 2-3 competitions throughout the season. 
  • Depending on the age category, training occurs two or three times per week.
  • This level requires a seasonal commitment (Sept-June).
  • Commitment for this is between 10-12 hours per week


Regional Northeast

Age Categories: 10 & under, 11 & Over, Teens and Masters
  • The program offers 1-2 invitational competitions in the Northwest; that take you beyond BC’s borders as you commit to a season (Sept – June) of training
  • Enjoy the fun of 2 spectacular club watershows during the holiday season and year-end. 
  •  Commitment for this is between  10-16 hours per week


High Performance Stream

Age Categories: 10 & under, 11 & Over, Teens and Masters
  • This program will take strong and experienced athletes to 4-6 invitational competitions in the Northwest and Prarie region.
  • Be featured in 2 club water shows during the holiday season and year-end. 
  •  Commitment for this is between  16 – 22 hours per week and selection is based on coach recommendation