AquaGO! is a nation-wide program, available at Aquasonics. 

Your child will find an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment at our Aquasonics groups where we have fun both outside and inside the pool. Athletes will learn the important basic skills below that are great for recreational time in the water, but also set in place the foundation for any aquatic sport they might choose to pursue:

  • Floating and breathing
  • Water entries

  • Stroking and Kicking

  • Sculling

  • Body positions and water awareness

  • Agility, balance and coordination

  • Strength and flexibility

AquaGO! is taught in a group lesson by CAS certified instructors, with program assistants providing additional safety, motivation, enthusiasm, and support to the participants. Children move to different stations where they learn through games, using music and equipment in a fun, active atmosphere. To keep them engaged and motivated, AquaGO! has built in awards and incentives to encourage children as they progress. They will also receive ongoing positive group and individual feedback from their instructors.

At your first AquaGO! session, you will see a busy, active pool with children learning while having fun, and becoming more comfortable in the water.