2023 year end show

BCAQ All Athletes – End of Season Watershow May 27 at SSLC 11:30am-12:30pm Come cheer on all club athletes at the end of season Watershow ! Each team will be showcasing their routines, as well as duets / solos and new skills learned this year. Please see the flyer attached to share with family and friends. […]

New Training location in Surrey

New Training location in Surrey For the next six weeks we will be running our Surrey training out of the Grandview Heights Aquatic Center, an Olympic sized pool in southern Surrey.  They have the largest movable floor in all of BC, allowing our athletes to train unimpeded by the depth of the pool. We will […]

NS Bottle drive

National Stream Bottle drive The BC Aquasonics National Stream team is working extremely hard all season and has recently won the Provincial Qualifier Acrobatic teams event.  As one of only two acrobatic teams to represent BC in the national competitions this year, our team needs everyone’s support.  The money raised will help with the cost […]

First place winners

Congratulations to the National Stream team’s win in the Provincial Qualifiers Acrobatic teams event

How to gel your Hair

How to gel your hair Gelling your hair for artistic swimming competitions is an important step in your overall appearance and performance. Here is a guide on how to properly gel your hair for competitions: Start with clean, dry hair: Make sure your hair is clean and dry before applying gel. Wet hair will not […]